Monday, January 12, 2015

potty dancer

This girl is a potty champ. After a couple of days with accidents and stubbornness and mom freaking out and thinking she would never get it, Alaina suddenly figured it out and started going on the potty. I like to think it has something to do with her love of dance and the fact that I would do the "potty dance" each time she went. She would jump up gleaming with pride and shake her little tutu clad bottom mimicking my "potty dance", laughing and squealing the whole time. It was nothing short of glorious.

I waited to begin the "potty training" process with Alaina, because I had a feeling that if I held off until she seemed ready, it would not take long for her to get it. Every developmental milestone (including her birth) has been this way. Just when I start to think it is getting too late and taking too long (born a week late, didn't crawl until 10 months, didn't walk until 16-17 months, didn't say anything other than "no" until 18-19 months, etc...), she explodes and surprises me and there is no going back.

She is all undies during awake times these days, and it is so great. When Graham was going through the potty training process, I always had to remember to tell him to take a break and sit on the pot. I had to sort of control it and it made me crazy. Alaina, on the other hand, has complete control. If I tell her to take a break, she says "No. I don't need to go." So, I tell her that when she feels ready, she should go and I will go with her if she wants. I had to let go completely. I had to let her guide me. It had to be her choice. She knows when she needs to go and that is that. I have to stay out of it. Such a huge difference in personality types between Graham and Alaina. Graham needs me to help pave the way. Alaina paves her own way and insists that I come along.

The point of all this is to document the fact that Alaina spends most of her time in undies and I no longer have to worry about diapers. This is monumental, because I do not intend to have any more babies. My diaper days (except for nighttime) are over. Over. Times, they are a changing, people. This is huge. This is it. This is life. My life. And I want to stop time and embrace it all. This is it. I will remember this. I will. This is it. No more diapers!!!

Thanks for listening. Next up: Alaina's unique and amazing personality at age two. It must be documented before she is three. Time, please just stop for a second.