Friday, August 2, 2013

Zio Matteo in Cuma

Matt left last Saturday.

While he was here, he and I got into a sort of rhythm on the days Tony worked.

I'd get up and jog and take care of the kids while he slept until "brunch" time at which point he would emerge from downstairs alive and ready to make cafe shakeratos for us. I'd serve the kids their early lunch. He'd put on some music. More often than not, it was The National. I'd put Alaina down for a nap, read with Graham, then disappear into my room for an hour or so. I live for my alone time. Alaina would wake up, and then we'd go do some sight seeing, come home, eat, and stay up way too late talking about love and super moons and wheat.

One day, we met Tony at his office for an impromptu award ceremony where he received his final Naval award. Yay!

Afterward, we crawled around Naples eating as much pizza and gelato as we could handle.

Then, one day, Zio Matteo just packed his bags and said it was time for him to move on. To Perugia. To see a friend.

And then we missed him and his music and Graham kept thinking he was going to climb into the passenger seat once the car was started or that he was just downstairs reading.

He's still tromping around this country somewhere, so, who knows? Maybe we'll run into him again before we leave.

I promise they are going to make us leave this country soon. In less than two weeks, actually...

We'll discuss that later. I'm just going to continue living in denial over here.  

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