Tuesday, February 25, 2014

the kids

So far, this month has been full of stomach bugs, snow, ice, runny noses, and a quick trip to the west side.

We ventured over to Seattle over President's Day weekend so that Tony could look at some job prospects.

I took the kids to the cheesecake factory and then to the Lego Movie.

Then I threw up.

A lot.

Since I was sick, we spent most of our time at the lovely home of the parents of my friend.

Fortunately, the sun was out and there was a small park nearby, so we got to get out for a few minutes once my tummy settled.

We made the most of our trip by stopping in Snoqualmie on the way home. There was a neat old train exhibit along with some gorgeous waterfalls. The wind and rain were blowing too hard for me to get my camera out, though, so I'll have to go back to the falls when the weather is nicer and take some photes for you.

Since then, we've all been playing in the snow.

A lot. 

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