Monday, August 4, 2014

my oh my, it was a wonderful July

I've skipped a few months, but I'm going for a once a month blog post to get myself back into it.

We spent lots of time at Hayden Lake in July. We also celebrated Tony's mom's birthday with a nice backyard party. Graham and Alaina and I have spent tons of quality time together. And we travelled back and forth from Spokane to Yakima. Because, yes, we are moving to Yakima!

Photo overload.

Most photes ever in one post. 

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  1. YAB-BA-DAB-A-DOO!!! My goodness!!! Does Michael call you, Little Sister, now? We were wondering for a second how you got a pic of Devon eating with Tony and Alaina. That is just how much he looks like his Michigander cuzz. And MissAlaina looks just like you, with maybe a little.....make that a lot more mischief in her beautiful eyes. And "Katie Beautiful" is just as right on today as it was when G'pa Kelly started calling you that when you were a baby. And Tony looks like civilian life is very much agreeing with him.(I've never seen anything that didn't agree with Tony, except maybe the Pensacola Pictionary episode. ha-ha) I miss yall so much, it hurts. Gotzta put Yakima at the top of my bucket list. Loves&Hugs, T&me