Tuesday, February 8, 2011

in sickness and in health

Warning: I am about to brag.

I think I experienced food poisoning or something like it yesterday. I can't remember a time I've ever felt so sick. I simply couldn't move, except to run to the toilet. It was awful.

That's not what I am going to brag about, though.

I'm going to brag about my husband. He. Is. Amazing. He didn't have to go into work until noon yesterday, so he was able to take care of Graham and keep him entertained. All the while checking on me and bringing me things to drink, even though I refused to drink them. Then, he did the very best thing he could have possibly done for me. He arranged for Graham to go to the neighbor's/friend's/baby-sitter's house and he left me alone. I love to be left alone, especially in my misery. And, I love that Tony knows this about me and he is sensitive to my needs. I couldn't ask for a better life partner.

Thanks for everything, Tony.

Another warning: this probably isn't the last time I will be bragging about my life partner.

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  1. Hope you're all better now. At least you did get some running in. heehee (Not funny? Sorry.) Tony's the best. No brag, just fact. Your photo inspired me to break out all the wedding photos. Best wedding ever!! And the reception. What a party!! Heard "My Girl" on the radio last week and told Tracy about our dance. And ya'lls dramatic departure, Tony throwing my little girl across his shoulder and hauling you off, for better or......Melissa's Arnie also rates a "best". When it comes to son-in-laws, I'm battin' a thousand. We're still waiting on the camera Henry sent. Darn weather. OKC was hit hard again yesterday. It was 10 degrees here this morning, and snow is predicted for this evening. Sorry, I'm ramblin', on your blog. Love&missya, Dad