Wednesday, February 16, 2011

take a break


Now that we've established that I spend most of my time being a bit out of my element in the domesticity department, I don't mind telling you that on Saturday, I took a break. While Tony and Graham were digging outside, I traded in my sweatpants for some jeans and declared that I was going to the Bacoli market and then to the nearby cafe to read.

And that is what I did.

And it was delightful.

On Sunday, I decided not to abandon my family. Instead, I took my boys with me on a drive through the Almafi Coast and got serenaded over a long lunch at our favorite restaurant overlooking the town of Positano.

Sometimes it seems unreal, but this is my life. I am just trying to embrace and enjoy all aspects of it right now.

I don't know about all you other mamas, but I cannot survive without a few breaks now and then. And by now and then, I mean at least once or twice a week. You should try it.

I'd highly recommend it.


  1. I noticed your book on the table, are you liking it? I just finished reading it the other day. Wish we could meet for a glass of wine and discuss the book. Miss you.

  2. I know I'm more than a little prejudice, but your blog has got to be one of the best out there. I tell everyone about it, and I think your cousins, Laurie and Kim will become followers. Thanks for sharing the sunset, the serenade, and the single boat upon the bay. Dad