Saturday, June 2, 2012

"here you are"

For the past few weeks, Graham has been sweetly saying, "Here you are" whenever he hands me something. I didn't think much of it except that it was cute. I actually started using the line myself whenever I would hand him something.

We went to his very first preschool play yesterday. Glancing at the program, we noticed that Graham's role was "the apple" in a thrilling rendition of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

 Do you think you can guess what his line was?

 His one and only line was, "Here you are."

 Melt is what my heart did when I realized he'd been practicing his line all month.

And the practice paid off, because he delivered it effortlessly and flawlessly.

And the caterpillars ate the apple and turned into beautiful butterflies and all was well with the world until I sat down to write this blog...

 Because I decided to get some wine, first, since Tony is currently at the emergency room getting a giant cactus sliver dislodged from his shin and I am at home and bored on a Saturday night and so why not have a glass of wine while I blog?? So, when I went to grab the bottle, it fell. Onto the tile. And shattered into millions of pieces. I bet you can't guess what color the wine was? It was red. Red wine everywhere.

Done is what I am with this day.

Go enjoy your Saturday night for me.

Goodnight, people. 


  1. Well I don't know about your finishing your day with a broken bottle of red wine everywhee, sounds kind of messy! However, you need to know that you and yours are my 'first cup of coffee' every morning. I pour you out and sip and enjoy your ramblings, estute remarks and in general anything that you say, works for me. Love you so much, miss you all.Blessings on this gorgeous day.

  2. Remember "Ahchoo" the mouse that saved Christmas?