Friday, September 7, 2012

in love with Italy

I'm up here in Germany enjoying some fresh mountain air and sunshine, and guess what? It has only been a few days, but I'm finding myself missing Italy.

For the past hour, I've been going over these pictures of my family in Venice and reminiscing about my new love for the old artist, Tintoretto. Look him up. Thank me later.

Murano glass blowing demo

Colorful streets of Burano

Last night, we went to an Italian pizzeria here in Garmisch, and it was so refreshing to be greeted with a "buona sera" as we entered the door. We ate pizza and sipped San Pellegrino bubbly water. It was delicious, but, obviously, I lamented about how it was not as good as the pizza in Napoli. We got back to our hotel room and I had to laugh at myself. My laundry was hanging out to dry because I didn't want to spend the extra 50 cents in the laundry room downstairs to finish drying the clothes in the drier. Indeed, Italy (land of no driers) has rubbed off on me...


Tonight, it is all German, though, because we are going on a tour of a beer brewery. I promise to keep myself from wishing it were a winery tour.


  1. Wow, Katie!!! This is the best batch of blog photos, ever! The way yoou captured the canal and street between the buildings, in photo #1 is so artistic. You could sell that one to Nat. Geo. Of course my favs are the Blaine family photos. Alaina is so healthy and happy. Graham is at the age where he will be able to retain the memmory of yall's adventures for the rest of his life. Keep on bloggin'! Loves&Hugs, T&me

  2. Your gonna love this, Katie. Tracy and I just arrived at Mackinaw City, where we are celibrating her 26th b'day, and discovered that it's beer festible time here. Also, we can take the ferry to Mackinaw Island and do the wine tasting thing. We don't drink, but we do intend to join the festivities.