Sunday, January 13, 2013

10 months

Alaina is 10 months old.

Ten whole months.


She has learned the fine art of standing in her crib, which has made nap times pretty interesting. She's also really good at getting around with her army crawl and she likes to try to pull herself up on everything.  She's also growing her two top teeth. Pretty cute.

All of these are things my friends' babies her age have been doing for awhile, now. She is taking her time. It's like she knows that I want her to stay little forever.

Take it slow, Alaina.

Life is short.

You wouldn't believe it by looking at that smile, but this girl can cry pretty loud when she's upset. I'm talking ear piercing please make it stop right now kind of loud.

The other day, Graham unexpectedly dropped his Lego Starwars ship. It inevitably broke. He inevitably cried. I picked him up to console him (he's over half my size), and Alaina flipped out. She gave him a funny, yet concerned look at first. Then she started to cry. My friends were over, so one of them picked her up. She just cried harder. Then Graham tried to cry louder. Then Alaina got louder and louder. I just held them and laughed and eventually we were all okay.

Thankfully, she doesn't get upset too often. When she does, she can always be consoled. 

She seems to enjoy life very much.

Especially life with Graham.

Happy 10 months, Alaina.

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  1. Too precious for words. Sweet "SloLaina" and her big "GrahamBro". Wish I was there so I could get down in the floor and wrestle with you guys. Graham, I'm a Lego-holic. I start putting them together and can't stop. Your cousin, Devon, loves to use his dinosaurs to attack and destroy my Lego forts and castles. I'm so sorry you crashed your Starship. That would have made me cry too. Please give your Mom and Dad and baby sister big hugs from G'pa Bill. Also, ask your Mom to post some photos of your Lego creations. Thanks, dude.