Wednesday, February 13, 2013

11 months

About Alaina

Hm, well, she's kind of difficult to describe at this point, because she's rather complex.

I like to call her "Sis." That's what I call her 90% of the time. Sis. 

She's lovely and playful and fun, but also scowling and sensitive and serious. She can crawl and stand up and cruise on furniture. She likes to cuddle with Mom and only Mom. Occasionally Dad. But mostly Mom. She has five and a half teeth and recently developed a good, albeit picky, appetite. She loves her four bottles of milk per day and snuggles in for two good naps every day. She loves to play and try on different expressions with people. She seems to be pretty social and lights up with new people. She likes to wave "ciao," and she can do sign language for "please" and "more" and "milk."

Her voice is loud and she uses it to let you know when she disagrees with something. Sort of a mini-activist.

She still likes Graham quite a lot.

She lets him tie things around her neck and lead her around the house like she is his puppy. 

 See that gate back there? I hate having a gate in the house, but it is a necessity in this one, because our stairs are a death trap. She doesn't care for it, either, except to climb on it or escape through it any chance she gets.

Give this girl an open door, and she is gonna go through it.

Only one more month left in this precious first year of life.

Let's go live it up, Sis.

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  1. Excellant job of capturing several of SisAlaina's different expressions, any and all of which just melts her G'pa Bill's heart. With those expressions and her outstanding vocal projections, all she needs is an Italian opera coach and voila!!!! DivAlaina!!!! (The photo of her on her play mat is ahhhhhhsome.)