Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a quiet week

There's not much to blog about right now.

Over the past weekend, we celebrated the birth of our friend and just hung around with some of our friends here.

So far this week, we've just been laying low and preparing for Alaina's big birthday bash on Saturday. Dr. Seuss theme. It should be a good time. I wish ya'll could come.


I just wanted to say hello and I hope your week is going alright so far.


  1. Looks like Casey Jones has a brakeman and a conductor to help him run his heavey six-eight-wheeler. Devon has a train&track just like that one and I get to be his crew. So, what's the story with that barrel. Did yall haul that all the way from OKC?

  2. Would love to be there too on Saturday!!! Can't believe Alaina will be one year old!! Hot Dog! or Tofu whichever! No green eggs and ham tho! We are on the road, in Yreka CA and getting reading to be 'on the road again'. It is a very long trip. Very hard to do 300 miles a day in this rig. And poor grandpa, he gets so tired. Oh well, we soon can relax in the sunshine.