Wednesday, June 5, 2013

school's out for the summer; school's out forever

I was chopping carrots and I was crying.

The carrots were for Graham's "secondo" (the meat and veggie plate you eat after the pasta in school in Italy).

I cried because I realized my son's last day of "Kindergarten" is fastly approaching (um, tomorrow).

I also cried because I realized that it is my son's last day of Italian school.

So, yes. Beginning tomorrow, school is out for the summer. School (in Italy) is out forever.

Graham doesn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation. He's just excited to sleep in, swim, and travel during the summer. Maybe it won't hit him until he begins school elsewhere and isn't greeted by thousands of kisses from his teachers and "Ciao Grahams" from his peers and lunches full of pasta from the school helpers and after school snacks of gelato from his dad...

On the other hand, because I don't/can't/won't plan or think ahead, I was blindsided by this gravity in the midst chopping carrots for his "secondo."

Sigh. Tear. Cry. 

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