Monday, June 10, 2013

today, we celebrate

Graham wonders why we call her "Aunt Lauren," because she is "not really in our family."

Lauren explains to him that we have "blood families" and "soul families."  She tells him the definition of "soul." Then, he understands. 

Alaina also seems to intuit and to understand what Lauren means to our family.

Aunt Lauren offers many gifts. I've been friends with her for years because she has always encouraged me, listened to me, understood me, and brought out the best in me. Her greatest gift to me and to the world, the one I've been noticing time and time again as she stays and works remotely from our home, is her ability to read energies. To enter a situation and see where everyone is at, how they are feeling, and what she can do to help. She helps quietly, humbly, and assertively.  It's a combination only she can manage, I think. She's a perfect role model for our children on how to be fun and loving and kind, but also serious and strong when necessary. I'm so glad they will always have her as an example, a friend, and an aunt.

Cheers to you, my soul sister. I'm thankful for every one of your birthdays and I love you with my whole heart. You inspire me and allow me to see the best parts of myself. You help me find confidence and strength and courage. My world is right when we unite.

Happy 30th.

Let's go celebrate. TOGETHER!


  1. Ciao Bella! Have a great wonderful birthday and enjoy! Wish we could be all together. Love all of you dearly, Mama Lauren

  2. Kathy Kelly (grandma, gr grandma)June 11, 2013 at 4:02 AM

    What a blessed gift of friendship! Thank you Lauren for being a part of our wonderful Blaine Bounders! They are gifted with your presence in their lives. Grace must leap off you in clouds of love. Happy Birthday!

  3. Oh how the happiest tears are flowing in my eyes! You two are my favorite best friends in the whole world...thank you for constantly showing and sharing your love for all of us to embrace. Katherine, you perfectly stated why Lauren a most wonderful woman who is cherished by many. It is said that our friends are reflections of ourselves...and it couldn't be more true with the two of you. Cheers, my sisters! xoxoxo

    1. Lauren *is...I was obviously too excited.