Monday, October 14, 2013

a few things

Today, Alaina is 19 months old.

She's taken a turn over the past couple of weeks. She's a little less sensitive and a little more fun. She cries less and laughs more. She's turning into a bit of a tornado. She loves to explore and touch and grab everything, and she likes to run away from me. She thinks it's a blast for me to chase her, but it drives me insane. Help me! 

We took the kids to Seattle over the weekend. We showed them the aquarium and the zoo.

I conducted a sociological experiment and concluded something fascinating about parents. As I watched my kids react to all the fishes and animals with hoots and aws and jumps and roars, I looked up with a giant smile to see if anyone else noticed how perfectly darling and precious my children were. Instead, what I found were a bunch of parents doting over their own kids and then looking up to see if anyone else was watching their perfectly darling and precious children.

It was refreshing to see the love parents can give to their perfectly darling and precious children...

Graham got a hair cut last week. Gulp. I'm still crying over how short it is. Apparently, he hopped into the barber's chair and said, "I want it just like my dad's."

Hmm. He certainly looks a bit more like his dad with such a short cut, but nobody can deny it when I say that he is my baby.

That's all for now. Goodbye and have a very good week.

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