Tuesday, October 8, 2013

falling in love again with Eastern Washington

A little over eight years ago, 007 and I got hitched and moved across the country to Florida. I learned to love the beaches and sunsine, but deep down, I missed the crisp seasons of Spokane. Then, we moved to Oklahoma. I loved the plains and the friends I made, but I still really missed the mountains and trees and family in Washington. When we moved to Italy, I got homesick at first, but eventually it faded and I forgot to miss Eastern Washington. I got caught up with Michelangelo and cobblestones and cafe and forgot about my love for the American countryside.

I forgot how much I enjoy a good 'ole American fair.

Or freezing cold lakes in the summertime.

Or Grandma's patio and Grandma's company.

I forgot about Highway 2 and Lake Chelan and endless fields of wheat.

I forgot about farms and good friends and pony rides.

I forgot how good it feels to be around family, to never feel lonely, to sit around a fire and shoot the breeze, to see my children playing with the children of my best friends.

I think it's a good thing I forgot these things so that I could fully embrace Italy and traveling in Europe. I'm so glad I got to live in Italy. I'd go back to Naples tomorrow if someone gave us a ticket and a job.   I still can't talk or think about it too much without crying. Italy, I'll never forget.


Even while I sit here and let myself fall in love again with Eastern Washington.

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