Monday, May 16, 2011

JB goes to Istanbul

I think by now, you all know of Graham's slight obsession with Justin Bieber and how he likes to pretend to be JB from time to time.

Well, all of that changed in Istanbul...

A friend told me prior to going to Istanbul that Graham would receive much attention from the people there due to his blonde hair and blue eyes. I didn't think much of it, since we're sort of used to that around here. Most places we go, he is doted over and receives some sort of candy or trinket from at least one person on every outing.

Nothing could have prepared us, though, for the amount of attention he received in Istanbul. Everyone would pat his head, pinch his cheeks, give him kisses, or simply just stare at him. I noticed when we were standing outside waiting for a bus or train, everyone in the passing buses and trains would point and stare and smile. As we shopped, people loved handing him pieces of Turkish Delight, and one man even gave him a free fish at a restaurant where we ate.

At times, Graham was swarmed by people wanting to take his picture and have their picture taken with him.

The change that occurred was that I think Graham might have started believing he was actually Justin Bieber. Given that the majority of his fans were teenager girls, I can understand his confusion.

As a result, he became a little less shy and started putting on dance performances in the middle of the streets. Something he once reserved only for living room dance parties and weddings.

Look out Justin Bieber. You might just have some competition on your hands.

In a few years.

He needs some time to grow and learn to dance from someone other than his incredibly untalented and uncoordinated mother. ..

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  1. Our own little Rock Star. I wonder if a slightly balding, slightly older version of Grahm would receive the same attention. If so, Grandpa Bill is bookin' to Istanbul immediately!