Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the news

Back when I was in high school and first moved to Spokane, we spent a few months living with my grandparents. During that time, I witnessed my Grandpa's steadfast morning routine.  He'd wake up bright and early, except Sundays. He said my Grandma made him rest on Sundays. He'd lace up his sneakers, hook the leash onto the dog,  and jog around the neighborhood, rain or shine. When he returned, he'd shower, shave, pour himself a cup of coffee and a tall glass of orange juice, and open up his fresh, local newspaper that had arrived in his mailbox that morning, then sit at his kitchen table and read it. He'd absorb as much of it as possible before grabbing his briefcase and driving to work. I always admired this routine while simultaneously finding it weird. I noticed how he would leave the house feeling alert, exercised, refreshed, and informed, but thought it was insane that a person could do the exact same thing every morning (except Sundays).  Especially the whole reading the newspaper part. How boring!

This morning, I found myself jogged, showered, shaved (legs, that is), sipping tea and reading the news on the internet.


Guess the 'ol apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Or does it? Since, in this instance it skipped a generation. Can I even still use that phrase, then?


Anyway, in light of all the recent crazy events around the world, I have decided to make reading the news a priority for me in the mornings. I've discovered that I don't like being blindsided by information. I'd rather read it for myself in the comfort of my villa and give myself a few minutes to process before having to respond to anyone about it, or listen to other people proclaim their responses about it.

I wonder what sort of format the news will be in when my grand kids find me absorbing it in the mornings.


I'm not really sure why I'm sharing this with you. I was going to tell you what I did with all those fava beans, but it just didn't feel quite right in wake of the goings-on in the world.

I guess I'll save that excitement for another day.

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