Friday, April 29, 2011

international cuisine

I started today by making scones for a Royal Wedding watch party (don't judge). The party ended up getting canceled due to some cable outages and crying babies, so Graham and I had a party here on our own. I found a way to watch it on the internet (keep in mind that this was not in the middle of the night like it would have been for you in the States, because we are an hour behind London time here), so Graham and I whipped out our best British accents along with some English tea and had a jolly good time. Graham accidentally fell off his chair and actually stayed in character the whole time by proclaiming in his best accent, "I'm alright. I'm alright. Carry on."

Might he be an actor?

Since I had a bunch of extra scones lying around, I took some to the farmers right behind my house. I was pleasantly surprised by the small conversation I was able to hold due to my slowly developing Italian skills. The farmers obviously weren't going to let me go home empty-handed, so they gave me a bucket load of fava beans. I'd never seen these things before living here. Since I live in farm country, I now notice them growing everywhere. I did some research and discovered that they are a "cover crop" to protect soil. They also help replenish the soil, so farmers will cut them back and use them for mulch. Pretty interesting, huh?



Anyway, some say they've been eating these things in this part of the world since ancient times. You can eat them just like a fresh pea out of the pod, or you can boil them up and add them to pasta, or salads, or just about anything.

Can I tell you a secret, though.


Okay, thanks. Um, I don't like them. They have a much stronger flavor than expected and can sometimes be rather sharp and biting. My research tells me they are supposed to taste creamy and buttery, but my research is sadly incorrect. So disappointing. Don't always believe what you read, especially on Google.

Have a nice day.

Oh, and what should I do with all these beans??

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