Thursday, March 8, 2012

festa della donna

Happy Women's Day!

I'm just sitting here thinking about/missing all my homegirls. Thank you for continuing to support me through the years.

Go out and celebrate being a woman today!

yes, I stole some photes from people.

p.s. again
yes, I'm still pregnant.


  1. I got the biggest smile on my face seeing my photo on your Festa Della Donna post! I feel like a kid who just saw herself on TV unexpectedly!! I love you, too, are an amazing woman and a wonderful friend. I am thinking of you each and every day, hoping for a swift and beautiful arrival for Baby Blaine, and I hope these final days of pregnancy are filled with love, peace, and laughter. Sending love!

  2. <3 :)
    <3 :)
    <3 :)
    Love you Katherine. I'm so thankful for you - a strong, big-hearted, tenacious, inspired, joyful, and clever woman. :)