Friday, March 23, 2012


If you're wondering what the Ramblin' Fam has been up to, lately, parenting is the answer. Tony's managed to get to work and bring home the bacon while I get Graham to and from school and feed and burp and change Alaina throughout the day. When Tony gets home, we juggle both kids and dinner and keep Graham's bedtime routine, and then hold Alaina, and read books and sing songs and burp and feed and change and kiss and hug and love. Then we crash. For a little while, until we have to do more feeding and hugging and guiding and behavior correcting and playing and loving. It's a whirlwind. 

The above photo was taken five days ago. I haven't taken a photo in five days! Incredible. I decided I need myself one of them there fancy phone gadgets that snaps photos and sticks 'um right up on the internet for ya'll to see, because right now I don't have time to get the camera out and do all the snapping and uploading and download and sideloading and cropping and editing that I usually do. Forgive me (Dad, I'm mostly speaking to you, the lover of pictures). Luckily, we've got ourselves a date with a professional photographer on Monday, so maybe we can actually get a picture of the entire Ramblin' Fam!

Thank God for all the help we've had from friends who have brought food and clothing and helped transport Graham. I don't know if I'd still be standing without them.

Oh, and Thank God that we have two of the best kids in the whole wide world! Woot! Yay for parenting!

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  1. Oh you sleepy heads! I never! Why when I was a young thing feeding 5 chillen, burping, cleanin and lovin, I never had such a thing a a camera that you didn't have to buy the film, take the pics, leave em in the drawer for who knows how long and when one of the chillen's gets married, find the danged thing and take it to the drugstore, wait 5 days, find 12 or the 14 or so blank having paid $15. So my heart goes out to ya! Lif's tuff and then some! Love the words, the pics and the love that you send every time you have a moment to spare sharing your wonderful lives with us. Grandma, great grandma Kelly