Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mother/daughter date

Last Saturday, Alaina and I left the boys at home to attend an afternoon/evening of cooking, dining, and girl-talking.

Alaina slept through all the cooking, then she peed on me during the dining (my fault for being too lazy to get up and changing her diaper on my lap), which led to plenty of girl-talking about babies and birth and everything in between.


*Fun fact: there were eight of us American women at this cooking class, and every one of us had a baby here in Naples. I told you there's something in the water/wine.

By the time I leave Italy (never!), I should be a pretty good cook considering the number of classes I've attended.


This one was especially fun, though, because it was more intimate and it involved chocolate volcano cake.


I'm looking forward to a future of mother/daughter dates. And, in the very near future (April 2nd), I get to have a date here in Naples with my own mamma! 

I'm just a little excited!

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  1. So fun--what a sweet baby girl you have! Love that you were cooking squash blossoms! Yum!