Tuesday, March 5, 2013

va bene va bene va bene

I ran some errands with my Italian friend, Daniella, today. Here are some of my favorite things she said that capture the spirit and culture and different way of doing things here so, so well...

We drove around a parking lot and she kept telling me to keep going keep going keep going to try to find a white-lined space so we didn't have to pay. There were none to be found, so she said, "Okay, just pull up behind this car," into a totally illegal and slightly dangerous spot. She said, "It's okay. I'm pregnant and we'll only be gone a minute."

When you're pregnant in Naples, you can get away with anything.


As we were driving, she was telling me about her preeclampsia and how her doctor told her to stop eating pasta and to only eat fruits and vegetables. She said, "I tried to eat only fruit and vegetables for two months, Katherine, but I got so unhappy. I quit smiling. I didn't want to do anything. So I ate some pasta and felt better. Pasta makes me happy."

I told her I intend to eat as much pasta as possible before we move away from Italy this summer. She immediately called her sister and demanded she make us lunch.

It was pasta bolognese.

I was happy. 

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  1. I don't know her, but I think I like your Eye-talian friend, even though she is turning my straight and narrow, law abiding, sweet and innocent, saintly daughter into an illeagle parking outlaw. (Do they use the slang, "prego", over there? Or is "Prego" a brand name for pasta sauce?)