Friday, April 26, 2013

a love story on a friday

It was a quiet, sunny afternoon at the t-ball field. The children were happily frolicking around the field waiting for practice to begin. Alaina was joyously crawling (still not walking) through the grass and picking flowers. She stopped to check out a handsome basset hound when she was suddenly blindsided and pummeled by a lively 2 or 3 year-old-boy.

"Brother bear" came unleashed. Graham jumped from the bleachers yelling, "NO! STOP THAT! LEAVE HER ALONE! YOU CANNOT DO THAT!" Once Alaina was safe in my arms, Graham went straight to his coach who happens to be the mother of the  lively boy and exclaimed, "HE JUST TACKLED MY SISTER! HE TACKLED HER!"

I simultaneously calmed both of my children and responded politely to the apologetic parents of the lively boy and ensured everyone that it was all okay and we were all going to be okay. On the surface I was calm and collected and altogether pretty amazing. Inside, I was bursting with pride for my son. He stood up for his sister. It was nothing short of awesome.

On the drive home, I told Graham he did the right thing. I told him that if he ever sees anyone mistreating his sister, whether by accident or on purpose, he should tell them to stop it and then go tell an adult. I told him it is good to look out for his sister. When Alaina is old enough. I will tell her the exact same thing. I will tell her to look out for her brother. Because looking out for each other and protecting each other from lively 2 or 3 year-old kids is what I call love.

Love is all you need.


  1. You made my eyes tear up. Such a lovely story! Good job big brother...and mommy. :)

  2. What a wonderful story! You have to be so proud of your son! BTW: Did you know that two words in this article are a 'link' and take you to a sales pitch?

  3. That's really weird. I reread the comments, looked at the blog again and oth of the words were no longer with a link. very strange. One of the words was 'accident' and I can't find the other. It was like when I clicked on it, it went to a sales pitch the kind that takes forever to get off your computer, or even sometimes you have to reboot. I went back and reloaded your blog and thats when I discovered the links were no longer there. maybe it's my computer???

  4. WAY TO GO, GRAHAMBO!!!! Katie, I'm sure this had to remind you of your big brother. Henry used to love to aggrivate you, but he always had your back whenever the Hembert boys or Roger C. would bother you. (Way to go, "Mom", for keeping your cool.)

  5. I love, love LOVE this story! Great job to the Graham-man! ~Jenna