Tuesday, April 23, 2013

can't get enough Roma Roma Roma

I must have done something really great in a previous life, because this one is so full of good fortune.

I am beyond fortunate to have met these girls. My only complaint being that I didn't meet them sooner.

These girls make me laugh until it hurts (in a good way).

We met because we are all trying to be good women, good mothers, and good friends. We try to support each other in all our maternal and womanly endeavors.

Part of that support involves encouraging one another to cut lose. To let go. To don sequins and hot pink tights and dance the night away.


Before I left, Graham asked, "Mom, why are you going to Rome with just girls? Again?"

"Because, Bud. Sometimes, girls... Well, sometimes, they just wanna have fun.

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  1. Hi kids, great to hear that you are absorbing as much of Italy as possible. If only we could put it in containers for later. Well I guess that is what our memories and cameras are for. duh. btw, your pics didn't make it this time. You gals must have had a 'x' rated time.......... love ya, gmk