Thursday, April 11, 2013

last weekend

Nothing like taking a few moments to reflect on an amazing weekend to get through a Thursday and ready for another weekend!

Last weekend was perfect.

We spent two nights in Montalcino.

It's a quaint town with nothing much to see, so we took some time wandering around the Tuscan countryside. 

We relaxed at a little cantina where we were treated like royalty by a sweet old man who kindly asked us to purchase some Brunello. We couldn't say no.

And we drove over to the Tuscan coast and enjoyed some sunshine on the water.

And somewhere along the way, Graham and Tony got hair cuts.

It was a lovely and carefree weekend.

I can hardly wait for what's in store for this next one...

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  1. The photo of the tractor, along with the other scenic, country-side photos, brings to mind Grandpa Tom's farm "back home". Did Tony and you note the simularities? Relaxing on the bench beside the barrels.....Ahhhhhhh. That pic is definately worth a thousand words. Graham and you teaching Alaina the peace sign reminds me of a photo I have of Graham and me in OKC. And Graham's fresh haircut and big smile sure does show how much he and his cousin, Devon, favor one another. Your "bloggability" wonderfully shares "the momments".