Monday, January 10, 2011

healed by the sands

This is the island of Ischia. It is in our magnificent view from our home. I've looked at her every day since we moved here and wondered just what she has to offer.
So, we loaded up a ferry boat and set off to discover her treasures.
 For years and years-like 2,000 or so-, people have come to this island in search of her healing powers. Since the island was once a part of a volcanic crater, there are many natural thermal pools as well as some natural hot spots in the sands. There is a spot on one of her beaches where the sand is so hot that you can bury food and cook it. Or, you can just find a place to relax and let the send warm and heal your bones.
This is one of the natural thermal pools. It is very small, but fascinating. The hot water mixes with the cool water from the sea to form the perfect mixture for relaxing and healing. We enjoyed a dip while watching the sun go down.

 Apparently, there are many wonderful spas and resorts on the island, but we didn't go to them. Most of them are closed in the winter, which is weird, because warm water and sand feel really good in the winter. But that's not why we didn't go to them. We didn't go because we wanted to scope out the free pools. They were a bit difficult to get to, but that made them more fun.

And so, once again, the point of my story is that you need to get yourself to Naples as soon as possible. It will heal all your aches and pains.

We won't make you hike to the free pools. We'll take you to the resorts if that's what you like.


  1. I want to go to Naples!!!!! How majestic to hike up to the pools. Love you dearly, Cecilia

  2. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH....My aches and pains have been around so long they have developed their own aches and pains. So, I'm in for a double dippin'. Soothin', sunset, soakin'. AAAAAHHHHH Love ya, Dad

  3. I love how you closed this makes me miss you and your awesome wit. :)