Thursday, January 13, 2011

push and pull

No matter who you are or where you live, life involves a little push and pull. It has ups and downs and backs and forths and thises and thats. Sometimes you go against the wind and sometimes you go down-stream. You get the idea.

Contrast. It's beautiful. And annoying. 

Being unemployed in Italy is no different. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it's just so-so. For example. Yesterday, I had another melt down while mopping the mold off my ceiling. Have you ever tried mopping a ceiling? It is not easy. I just kept thinking that counseling a person with depression or schizophrenia would be much easier than cleaning mold. Then I got sad because I can't get a job in the counseling field over here, which made me cry. This is one of the pulls, the downs, the backs, the that's.

Tonight, I am packing to leave for a one-week trip to Lisbon, Portugal. If I had a job, I would not be able to take time off and follow my James Bond husband to the places where he has to work. This is a push, an up, a forth... I think you get what I mean.

That said, I may not have internet access for a week. Heartbreaking for my faithful readers, I know (hi Dad, and Grandma). Don't you worry, though. I'll be back in full force as soon as possible.

Oh, and please don't judge me for having mold on the ceiling. It is unavoidable here. It has to do with the climate and the way the houses are built. Another down... Viva l'Napoli!

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  1. Katie, Katie, Katie. You know your career will be here when you get back, and I know you will excell at it, so just enjoy being full time Mom, cheif cook and bottle washer, and ceiling mopper. Use your free time to read. Reread your text books and keep notes on how you might deal with certain challanges your future cases my present. Delve into The Old Testament. Start with Job. Mold was the least of his worries. David had an adventure or two other than knockin' Goliath on the noggin'. I'll be glad to send you more novels, if you want me to. Did you read "Hocus Pocus"? And write. Your blog sure does flow. I bet you could write a short story, submit it to "The Sun", write about your travels and submit those to all the travel magazines, or just bounce some stuff off Kathy, Lauren, Katie G., and me. Who knows where those could goes.ha But please, please, please, no more crying over ceiled mold. See ya when you get back from Lisbon. Tell 007 to keep it "Shaken not stirred", and tell 001 his Grandpa Bill loves and misses him. Loveyadad