Tuesday, July 26, 2011

on a sadder note

It's not all fun and games over here at the Blaine house. Sometimes, we have to say goodbye to really good friends.

These are Graham's good buds, and I happen to love hanging out with their mom. She always serves me tea or coffee along with some sort of biscuit or cookie. She was even kind enough to babysit Graham while I went to the Ben Harper concert. I'm not sure what I am going to do without her.

This week is the last week we will see them. Graham cried when I told him. He didn't understand why we won't be able to just drive to their house anymore. It was not a fun conversation, but, sadly, I know it will not be the last.

This is life in the military. Just when you get cozy and start feeling like you've made good friends, it's time for one of you to leave.

It's the part I don't like. Waaaaahh. It makes me cry.

In an effort to not be a total Negative Nancy, I'll sign off by saying that I am just really glad we got the time we did have with them. They made the transition to Naples much easier than it otherwise would have been.

Thanks for everything, guys.

We're really going to miss you.

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