Thursday, July 28, 2011

another trip to the alps

They're sending 007 up to Landstuhl, Germany to have some crazy laser operation done to his eyes. He has to take me along with him, because he won't be allowed to drive himself for several days after the surgery.

Sooo, you know what this means!?!?!?

Road trip!

We're going to stop off near Verona and catch another Ben Harper concert on the night of our 6th wedding anniversary, then head to Switzerland to play in the mountains and sleep in the straw. After that, we'll spend some time exploring Germany and then head to the Netherlands to visit the cousin of 007's mom (not pictured in the map, because we actually haven't mapped it out that far, yet).

We'll be gone for a total of two weeks. I hope to be able to keep you updated, but don't fear if you don't hear from me. I'll probably be shooting the breeze with Ben Harper, or frolicking in a meadow on the top of a mountain somewhere in the Alps, or eating potatoes and sausages at a pub in Germany, or trying some delicious fondue in Switzerland, where Gruyere cheese originated, or sleeping with a horse in a barn, or swimming in a freezing lake....

Oh, and I'll probably also be taking care of my dear husband as his eyes heal.

I can't wait to bring you all along via the blog!

As long as you keep reading it, I'll keep writing it.


  1. Very cool! I had a crazy laser surgery done to my eyes in Spokane (LASIK) and I have been LOVING life since! It is the greatest thing! You live by eye drops for a few days right after, but it is absolutely worth it. I hope you guys have a fun and safe trip.

  2. Sad that we missed you in Germany!!! It would have been great to see you.