Friday, July 1, 2011

summa summa summa time

Did you know that it is July?


When did that happen?

It tends to be my favorite month, because I just love summa summa summa time. It's summertime!

Today, realizing that it is July, has caused me to really miss the good 'ol US of A where families and friends gather to celebrate our nation's independence.

Did you know they don't celebrate the United States' independence over here?  Unless, of course, you are in the US military. In which case, you get a much deserved long weekend.

Clearly, that means we are going on a little trip. To honor the good American holiday, we are going camping on the beach near a neat town called Vieste, Italy.

It promises to look a little something like this:


God bless America.

Last year in beautiful Hayden, Idaho.

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