Monday, August 15, 2011

stopping for picnics

There are entirely too many cool places to visit in Europe. To see them all is almost impossible, but boy do we try. One of the things we like to do on road trips is to find a neat town along the way and stop for a picnic. Sometimes, we end up staying longer than planned, but it is always worth the stop.

Here are three of my favorites from our recent trip.

First up is Lake Como, Italy.

We found a nice, little park right in the center of town where we could look at the water, watch all the people, soak up some sun, and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Next, we have Lucerne, Switzerland. Wow. What a beautiful and orderly place.

Again, we found a spot right on the water and enjoyed some of the local delicacies from the grocery store in town.

Finally, we stopped in Trier, Germany, which was once part of Rome a long, long, long time ago. This was a surprisingly neat little tourist spot with an old Roman gate and the Dom St. Peter.

Clearly I'm not in the mood for much commentary.

We'll blame it on the pregnancy.

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  1. Lake Como, Switzerland huh? I first met your Mother at what had once been a popular resort in the 1950s&'60s named Como Springs. It was situated on the Weber River near Morgan, Ut. and had featured a large skating rink and a natural, hot spring-fed swimming pool. I wonder if there is a Como connection. hahahohoheehee. And, did you know there was some kind of Swiss connection to Star Valley. G'ma Kelly could probably explain that one to you. Love yodel-oldelolaydee you!