Monday, August 22, 2011

what do to with 6 short hours in Amsterdam when you are pregnant and have a 4-year-old in tow

1) Find a spot near the canals to eat some delicious international cuisine. We chose French, and we were very happy, but I think I saw almost every part of the world represented in restaurants in Amsterdam. We even saw a Tibetan restaurant.


2) Frantically search for a bike rental place with the best deal in town. Then, after walking for an hour or so, decide to just rent one from the next place you see. Make sure they have a good helmet for your kid. The brighter, the better.

3) Ride your bike across town and make sure to go through the parks and take a whiff or two of the marijuana at the coffee shops. Try not to let the smell make you throw up.

4) Drag your 4-year-old through the Van Gogh museum. Literally. Grab him by both hands, let him slide his feet on the floor, and drag him.


5) Act a little weird, because anything goes in Amsterdam.

7) Swiftly ride past the home of Ann Frank and glance at it, but don't bother taking pictures. You won't have time.

6) Stop at a flower shop and yell at your husband to hurry up and get some bulbs before your bikes are due back at the rental shop.

8) Enjoy the sights of the house boats as you make your way on foot back to the train station. Again, do not take pictures, because you won't have time.

9) Plan another trip to Amsterdam, because you need more time to see it all and enjoy it.


  1. Grahmsterdam or Amerstergrahm, which do you prefer? You KNOW I would have loved to have been in on the ride through the park. Ya'll would have had to drag me out like you dragged Grahm through the musem. Apparently, you got a GOOD whiff or two. Your list numbers, 5,7,6,8 is evidence of that. Hahahohoheehee! Tracy replaced her "Beach Grahm" wall-paper photo with the "Helmet Grahm" photo. She is a Grahmbofanatic and loves "his" blog. The two, father and son photos are my favorites. luvya,dad

  2. I love so so so many things about this post; namely, the title. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think I identify with numbers #4 & 6 right now. This reminds me so much of us last fall when i was about 9 weeks pregnant and Ben was 3. We went to a wedding in San Francisco, city of many many hills, and in our haste to make it to the airport we forgot our stroller for Benjamin. After Mike carrying him up and down literally all over town, when we made it to Fisherman's Wharf a lightbulb went off when I saw the bike rentals. We did the exact same thing and price shopped forever, I yelled at Mike to hurry hurry hurry when we had to put he bikes on the ferry, and we were a hit sweaty mess when we made it (on time!) to return the bikes. But you want to know the best part, Graham is always going to remember this trip. There is just something magical about kids and bikes. Ben STILL talks about that one time "when we road across the Golden Gate Bridge" and asks when we can do it again. :) If you want to relive it, there is a facebook album and you can see the pictures.

    How are you feeling?!?! March seems so far away, but it'll be here before you know it. Spokane is just gorgeous right now. Any trips planned to visit family? We have preschool orientation at Cataldo for Benjamin tomorrow morning and then classes start 8/31. Wish Graham was going to be in his class!! Maybe they'll be school buddies in a few years? Thinking of you! Xoxo, Megan

  3. You were in Amsterdam 3 days after we were!!!