Tuesday, September 6, 2011

close to home

Hello, hello. I hope ya'll had a nice, long weekend. Mine felt especially long on account of all this sickness I am experiencing due to the person growing inside my body. I had to send Tony and Graham away on Saturday so I could just sleep. I couldn't tell you exactly where they went. All I know is that Graham got to drive a red car. That's the only information I could get from him. It's all he'll talk about.

On Sunday, we ventured over to Vietri, a town I grow more and more fond of each time I'm there. Normally, I absolutely hate shopping, but get me in a town full of ceramics, and suddenly I love it. I especially love that everything closes at 1pm, so you have no choice but to stop shopping and head down to the beach.

Yesterday, we tried our luck with crazy Naples and had quite a delightful afternoon in a huge park called Capodimonte. It was once land used for the royal hunting grounds, so there is a palace in it.  We got to wander around this palace practically alone for hours. The art collection is outstanding, and we could just sit and look at each picture for as long as we wanted, because there were not people pushing us out of the way. Graham got to act like a horse and be a little crazy, because there was nobody there for him to bother. It was most certainly one of the hidden gems in Naples that I sometimes here about. If this collection were in Florence or Rome, you would have to constantly fight crowds of tourists to see it. It made us glad we decided to stay close to home over the long weekend and enjoy what the Campania region has to offer.

So, I guess that's it.

Whew. There. I did it. I blogged.

I am going to take a nap, now.

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  1. Katherine,

    I'm sorry you have sickness with your growing person inside you. Hopefully that will pass soon. As for your weekend adventures, they are amazing as always. Although we missed you for the start of the SOONER SEASON. Feel better.