Saturday, September 17, 2011

fanta and photography

My latest pregnancy craving has been for a refreshing drink known as "Fanta." It's basically an orange soda, but it's nothing like the orange sodas you find in the states. It tastes like it's made from real orange juice, rather than from a strange orange syrup. It is especially delicious on a night out with girlfriends when everyone else is drinking margaritas. There is actually a Mexican restaurant in a town north of here. It wasn't bad, but we had to drive a long way to find it, because restaurants serving something other than Italian food are quite difficult to find over here. 

I am practicing using my camera in different settings. I like to try different things in low-light situations, but the camera has to be completely still, or else the picture is blurry, which is why I focused on my Fanta. So that I could just set my camera on the table for it to be still.

I don't know if Fanta is exclusively Italian. Maybe you can find it in the states. Does anybody know?

I think that's enough about Fanta for one day.

Go get yourself a refreshing drink for me.

Graham also practiced his photography skills while we walked about the city (where everyone else dresses in fancy dresses and heels) today. For my BFF, I am posting this picture to show that I did indeed wear my special shirt today to support the Sooners as they take on Florida State.



  1. Otto and I love fanta- when he was deployed on the boat and we met up in Spain we drank fanta and mandarian vodka- yum!

  2. I think they sell fanta in the states, I see commercials for it...