Monday, April 23, 2012


During the past month, I've been accomplishing tasks in my head only to find out later they were not accomplished in reality. Things like putting on deodorant or folding laundry or making sure Graham brushed his teeth. I'm telling myself it's a postpartum thing.

Prior to departing our apartment in Lucca for our first adventure on the town, I packed several diapers in Alaina's bag after I finished feeding her.

After perusing the town for several hours, we got hungry and found a place to eat. We entered the restaurant and suddenly there was a leak coming from the sling around Tony where Alaina was sleeping. A puddle formed on the floor and we were all confused. Tony ran off to somewhere with Alaina and I juggled the stroller into the tiny quarters. I figured he'd probably need the diaper bag, so I went in search of him and couldn't find him for several minutes. Totally confused, I began yelling his name. "Tony!" I opened the door to the kitchen, "Tony!" No answer. I was about to give up and follow the waitress to our table he when appeared out of nowhere. Still don't know where he was, but while he was gone, he determined that Alaina's pee had leaked out of her diaper, which was the cause of the puddle. Gross.

"No problem. I've got the bag right here."

We gathered on the floor in the ladies room and went at Alaina with good team effort. Blow out does not do justice in describing what she did to the diaper. It was annihilated.

"Wipes," Tony demanded, "I need wipes."

"More wipes, please!"

Once she was good and wiped down, I  reached for the diapers I had packed in the bag and they were gone. Not there. No diapers. And only a teeny-tiny onesie for extra clothes.

"What happened to the diapers I packed, Tony? Did you take them out?"

"No," he replied, "Are you sure you packed them?"

"Yes. I know I did. This is so weird. They should be in here."

Ever the logical one, Tony responded, "Well, there are no diapers in here, so you probably didn't pack them."

"Ahh. I could have sworn I did!"

"Well, Katherine, you probably didn't."

So, there we were on the floor of a small restaurant bathroom in Lucca with a naked baby and a sling soaked in pee. What were we going to do? We couldn't just wrap her in a blanket and get through dinner, because she could pee at any moment. We couldn't wrap her up and carry her to our apartment for the same reason. What did people do before diapers? We were stuck. That's when we laughed and confirmed that no matter how much we practice and try, we are not Super-Parents. I also decided that I need to start doing mind-puzzles or something to keep my brain sharp, because I know I put the diapers in that bag!

And then it happened. Tony transformed into Super Dad and remembered our hotel/apartment was only a few short blocks away. He threw on his cape and sped away, returning with diapers and clothes before Alaina had time to pee again so we could enjoy some fine Tuscan cuisine. My hero.

Super-Parents once again! 


  1. Tony does look very superhero-esque.

  2. Truly, you are SUPER PARENTS!! Won oneders what might have happened without Mr James Bond to the rescue. What a great story. Honestly Katherine, when you have the kids fed, bathed, sleeping, house cleaned, clothes washed, dishes in the cupboard, groceries put away, gas in the car (pant, pant), you really should just give it up and copy, paste and look for a publisher. I don't know how anyone can have so much adventure, funny stuff happen to them as you guys seemed to have happened! your book would be a must read for all the dear little gals/guys posted in a new land as they serve our great country. just loove reading, checking twice maybe thrice times a day to see what crazy events are happening in a little corner of Italy. Ciao! love ya