Sunday, April 1, 2012

what to do?

Most of you are pros at this, I know, so I don't need to explain to you how strange this whole motherhood thing can be. 

Like, right now, for instance. I am at a loss. Both of my kids are sleeping (still can't get used to having more than one). Graham, because he is sick. Alaina, because she is new at living. Either one could wake at any moment and need me. Tony is at the store. I am all alone. It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The day before my mother arrives. What do I do with my time? 

Nap? Too excited to sleep. 
Clean? Don't want to make too much noise and wake the sleeping babes. 
Exercise? I can't stand stopping in the middle of a workout, so I don't want to begin and get disrupted when one of them wakes.
Shower? (sniffing armpits) Nah, maybe tomorrow.
Drink? Hmm, perhaps. 
Talk to someone? Nobody is online.
Laundry? Uuuuugghhhhhh.
Stare out the window? Ah, that was nice.
Blog? Yep, I guess that's what I'm doing. 
Am I turning into a mommy blogger? Was I one already? No. Well, maybe. No. Hmm.

Is this really where I am in life?Are these really my options on a Sunday afternoon in Italy?
I guess so. 
I think I'll go have that drink.  

Oh, and guess what? 

I'm pregnant again.

April Fools. 

Haha. Not even possible!

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