Tuesday, November 13, 2012

8 months

Little A is turning out to be quite a delight to have around. She has her spats of crankiness, but they are becoming less and less as she gets more and more comfortable with her sleeping routine.

She's a great napper and an even better eater.

No crawling, yet, but a little bit of butt scooting.

She's incredibly curious. Once she sets her eyes on something, she gets very determined to grab a hold of it and figure it all out.

 She got the "early bird catches the worm" memo, because she goes right to bed at 7:30pm and usually wakes between the hour of 6 and 7am. This is so different from her big brother who can sleep in better than any kid on the planet, but I'm adjusting and learning to enjoy the mornings with my girl.

She's all bottle all the time, now. No more nursing. I probably could have pressed harder and made her keep it up, but it just didn't feel right, so I didn't. It was sooner than I was ready, but I have a feeling that's how it's going to be with her. When she's ready for something, she'll tell me, and that will be it.

A friend of ours is coming to visit next week. Last time I saw him was before I was pregnant with Alaina. We were sitting at a bar discussing the ins and outs and what-have-yous of life. I told him that Tony and I would maybe like to have another kid, but I was worried about all the discomforts and difficulties that are involved with pregnancy and newborns and toddlers and so on. He, a bachelor with no kids, looked at me and said, "Yes, but you can't think about all of that. Think about the happiness it will bring to you and Tony and Graham."

I'm really glad I had that talk with him and that we eventually decided to have another baby. My friend was right. I can say with ease that I am more happy and content right now than I've ever been in my entire 30 years of life.


  1. Well golly girl, didn't I tell you that same thing a few weeks ago. Anyone who is so happy being a mom should have a dozen of them! Or at least 9 (Condon's you know) or 5 (Larry kelly's) or 9 (Aunt Betty Ann and Uncle Art), 7 (Don/Diane and Al/Muriel Kelly's)! As always, love your blog, first thing I look for in the a.m and last in the p.m. Love ya! Grandma

  2. A Katie "mini-me". haha Your G'pa and G'ma Howell each had 3 brothers and 4 sisters. And they all lived into their 70s and 80s. Is there a such thing as a "longevity gene"? Hope so. Loves&Hugs, T&me