Wednesday, November 7, 2012

mornings like this

I don't want to forget mornings like this.

Waking to the sound of a content baby.

Laying with her for awhile before her big brother gets up and has to get ready for school, but not before he watches the US election victory and concession speeches and talks about how he might like to be a president someday.

Dropping him off at a small, private school run by loving Italian women and chatting with the teachers who are working tirelessly to make good changes at the school.

Putting my baby in the stroller and jogging in the mild November air past ancient Roman ruins on a lake made famous by the great Italian poet and philosopher, Dante.

The smiles on the faces of Italians when they see me and then my precious baby. The way the professional men runners, decked out in the most stylish running clothes, beam at me and exclaim "Brava, Brava!"  The women in their matching sweatsuits waving and saying, "Bambina vuole correre!" (The baby wants to run!). 

The man driving with his car packed full of demijohns and Italian sonnets blaring from the speakers on a path meant only for pedestrians, and the way he pulls over to wave me past with my car-sized stroller. 

Arriving to a quiet home and having time to contemplate my day and my life while drinking tea, staring at Ischia, and listening to my baby experiment with her voice. 

Summer will come too soon and this will all be over before I know it. We'll be moving on to something different, and I'll most likely be more busy. I'm so glad I'll always have mornings like this  to remember and cherish.