Sunday, November 18, 2012

crazy time

Back in our Oklahoma days, we made some really terrific friends. For awhile, we had a Sunday afternoon ritual. We'd go to Johnny Carino's for their dollar pints of beer and half off appetizers. I would take Graham with me and he'd be the only kid among our friends. He'd sit sweetly in his high chair for the first hour or so, but then our friend, Cory, would take him and "crazy time" would commence. Cory would let him play with all the sugar packets on the table, throw around the fake bread used for decoration, stir all the drinks until his heart was content, and sometimes even take him back to the kitchen where he'd receive cookies from the chefs. I wasn't allowed to intervene. It was crazy time. No rules. Everybody loved it.

Today, I am bracing myself. Tomorrow, Cory will arrive here in Naples for one whole week of crazy time with the Ramblin' Fam.

We're all excited, especially Graham.

He can't wait to reunite with his old pal.

And I can't wait for some crazy time at a real Italian restaurant.

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