Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thor's Italian Holiday

In many ways, our friend is a big kid.  He loves swords and castles and Shrek, and he prefers to drink everything from a cup decorated with the superhero, Thor. Sometimes, he even likes to be called "Thor" rather than "Cor" (short for Cory).

So, for him, Italy was a natural playground full of things to explore.


We showed him Rome where he pretended to be a gladiator.



We took him to castles and palaces where he pretended to be a knight.

We took him hiking in Positano where he got to run and jump and play with Graham.



He also got to feast until his heart was content.

We took him to the undergrounds of Naples where he pretended to be Indiana Jones.

And, of course, we let him dine on as much Napoli pizza as he could stand.


It turns out that Italy is a perfect place for a big kid.

As Graham said, "Don't you love Italy, Cory? And never want to leave it?"


Thanks for coming, Thor.

And, arrivederci.

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