Monday, November 8, 2010

can't complain

I love hot showers.

Scalding hot.

I despise cold showers.

And that's coming from someone who can usually see both sides to a story, who usually doesn't have a strong opinion one way or another, who usually proclaims, "Either way's fine."

I want to complain about the cold shower I had this morning after waking up sick. I also want to complain about the fact that I spent the morning waiting for my landlord and the kitchen guy to appear to do some renovations, but they decided it was too rainy to come today. Or, that I just spent the last 10 minutes mopping up puddles of rain that seeped (sorry for the word choice, Amy) in from our windows.

But, I am simply not capable of complaining after the lunch we had on Saturday at this place in Positano on the Almafi Coast with some wonderfully kind folks.

Instead, I feel grateful that I even have a shower and that I have a landlord who truly cares about the kitchen and about our happiness.

And so this, I think, is how life will go for me in southern Italy. I will constantly be reminded to rid myself of expectations and to take the bad with the good.

I'll take 17 cold showers if it means I get to continue relaxing at agriturismos on the weekends.

Have a pleasant Monday.

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