Wednesday, November 10, 2010

sick days

Nothing too exciting to report these days. We've all been pretty sick over here. Graham, of course, doesn't realize that he's sick and still has enough energy to ask a million questions and play all day. Someone might want to come make sure he's alright. I'm not really sure what he's been up to the past three days because my head has been glued to my pillow.

Things are looking up today, tough. I am feeling a little more skip in my step.

We plan to leave on a jet plane to Barcelona this afternoon.

Pray we make it.

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  1. K Bizzy,
    I haven't been able to find you blog until now! Can you believe it? I'm so uncool dude. haha. I really love it and am now convinced that i phones really do take amazing pictures:) I miss you guys and we'd love to come see ya'll! I posted some pictures of Amy and her gang on my blog at the Halloween tailgate. Check em out! Love ya'll and can't wait to see ya! -drew