Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the grass is greener?

I will forever be fascinated by the curious human condition of wanting what one can't or doesn't have.

Today, my Italian neighbors came to me with a list of things they would like for me to purchase for them at the commissary. Things they cannot get in Italian grocery stores.

Here is their list:

3 cartons of Oreo ice cream
4 frozen pizzas
1 bottle of syrup
1 box of fruit loops

"Frozen pizza?" I exclaimed! "Mamamia!"

Naples claims to be the birthplace of pizza. There are pizzerias on every corner. Each making the most mouth-watering, authentic pizza in the world. And my neighbors want Digiorno.  With Oreo ice cream rather than the delicious gelato from down the street. Hmmm.

Can someone please tell me which isle the frozen pizza is on?


  1. Oh my goodness, this absolutely cracks me UP! I can't believe it. What a world. Must be something about all that high fructose corn syrup. :-P Love to you, Katherine! Have fun shopping at the commissary!

  2. The frozen foods isle, ummm, maybe Iceland? sure do miss U. Dad