Monday, March 28, 2011

my favorite

This is my favorite picture taken while I was in Oklahoma.  I can't be certain that I am the one who took it... Maybe that's why it is my favorite. 

I'm pretty sure I would love this picture even if I didn't know the people in it. It is natural, comfortable, and happy. But let's face it, I really love it because I do know the people in it.

This is Jenna and Drew. I had the pleasure of staying at their house on one of my nights in Sooner Nation. They have made a very cozy home for themselves. A sanctuary where I was able to rest and lay in the sun as they worked in their garden. I was even at ease enough in their home to brave the music studio of Drew the View. First, he had me sing a chorus he wrote, and then he got me to free-style some rap lyrics. I am terrified to sing alone in front of people, and I've never opened up and just free-styled. The fact that I did is a true testament to how warm, inviting, creative, talented, and inspiring this couple is.

Thanks for the hospitality, guys.

I will forever remember and appreciate it.

And you'll always be one of my favorite couples. Ever.

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  1. AWWWW! Katherine! Thank you. Thank you for the picture, and the wonderful words. You and Tone are one of our favorite couples! Always so inspiring....we take our cues from you two. And the songs came out great :)
    p.s. sorry it is taking me so long to get caught up on your amazing blog.