Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Assisi and Perugia through the eyes of my grandpa

 Welp, guess what, folks? I went all the way to Assisi with two dead camera batteries.

I know.


Guess what else, folks? I'm really quite tired. This 12 ounce little bundle inside me sure does suck the energy right out of me. I don't remember ever feeling this fatigued when Graham was only 12 ounces.

Anyway, the point is that I don't have any pictures of my own and I don't have energy to write much, so I've taken it upon myself to steal pictures from my grandpa's camera, touch them up a tiny bit, and share them here with you.

Um, that just took about half a century to get these pictures on the blog, so I'm just gonna head to bed, now.

In the morning, when I have energy, I will actually tell you about our time in Assisi and the insane chocolate festival in Perugia. Also, remind me to tell you about my internet fiasco. And my license plate fiasco. And our ultrasound.

And, guess what else, folks?? Tomorrow (October 19th) is my grandpa's birthday! He's turning 72 years young.

To celebrate, I am taking him to the heart of Crazy Naples.

I better go get some sleep!

Bouna Notte.

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