Tuesday, October 11, 2011

snapshots of Rome

Just a little proof of all the adventuring my grandparents have been doing.... In no particular order, because that is the order in which they uploaded and I do not want to take the time to reorder them (type A I am not)...

See beyond all the golden hoopla and there is a piece of wood from the manger of Baby Jesus (if you believe). Located in Santa Maria Maggiore.

Having some fun on the famous Spanish Steps

A neat Roman moment.

An accidental neat picture of a neat Roman moment. Thank you sunshine and dirty lens.

Trevi Fountain with tourists.

Cute kid with a slinky in a crowd in Rome.

Cute kid with a slinky in a crowd near the Pantheon in Rome.

Long, crowded Deacon ordination mass at St. Peter's in Rome.

Christine!! With giant child and mother in St. Peter's in Rome.

School of Athens painting inside Vatican Museums. In Rome.

Ancient ruins at the Roman Forum in Rome.

Cute kid next to large doors at San Giovanni in Laterno, the actual cathedral for the diocese of Rome.

I am told that these are the original doors from Rome's Senate House.

Cute kid with parents inside the Colosseum in Rome.

Really great family outside the Colosseum in Rome.

Cute kid..... In Rome.

Trevi Fountain sans tourists in the morning.

The bridge where people lock their love and throw away the key in Rome.

On the way to Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome.

Cute kid with great-grandparents in St. Peter's Square. In Rome, of course. And, yes. Grandpa did wear the same clothes every single day. I told you they were light packers!                  

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  1. I love love LOVE your pictures! The great family at the Colosseum was beautiful. And the one where people lock their love and throw away the key! Thank you for sharing your memories.