Monday, January 9, 2012

how was your weekend?


Did you spend hours upon hours playing with mini-remote control cars like we did? No? Well, you should try it sometime. Maybe next weekend? You might regret it when you think of all the housework you could have accomplished, or the places you could have visited, but whatever. It'll be worth it, because it's fun. I promise.

Tony ordered these mini-racer things for Graham as a Christmas gift, but they didn't arrive until after Christmas, so we gave them to him on the Epiphany. In case you're wondering, the Epiphany represents the day the wise men visited Jesus and gave him gifts. We figured it was a pretty fitting day to give Graham another toy to play with.

Little did we know that we would get sucked in to these things ourselves. They are addicting, people. We set up the little cones that came with them and tried to hit them with the cars. Each time you hit one, you scored a point, according to Graham. It was more difficult than you might imagine. And, in a household without television or video games, it provided endless hours of entertainment.


Go get ya some.

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