Monday, January 2, 2012

wrapping up 2011

Well, since it's the second day of the new year over here, I figured I better say goodbye to last year.

We had a rather subdued holiday season at the Blaine house this year. We were all quite sick, and I have been suffering from every single pregnancy discomfort and ailment known to woman. I thought I was some kinda tough mama with Graham's pregnancy, but this one is humbling me every single day. Sigh.

Anyway, our Christmas morning was full of Lightening McQueen and a slinky.


After being cooped up and gazing longingly at our view of Ischia, we decided to use what little energy we had the day after Christmas and hike to the top of the island where there happens to be a little chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas.


It was funny trying to describe the difference between St. Nick and Santa Claus to Graham. He was confused about why the saint statue wasn't wearing a red and white suit.


I've said before how people used to come from afar to the land of Ischia to be healed by its sands. Well, it actually did turn out to be a rather healing hike for Tony and me. We thought Graham was also on the up and up, but then his tonsils got huge and he got a fever, so he had to go back to the doctor, but now he is definitely much, much better.


 New Year's Eve was filled with friends, food and fireworks at our house, as well as resolutions to travel to Ireland and Poland this year. Such rough lives we lead! Here is my lone picture of one of the fireworks we shot from our house.

 You will just have to come here next year so you can believe me when I tell you how crazy the fireworks are on New Year's Eve in Naples.

Now, I get to spend the whoooole week with Graham, because his school doesn't start back up until the 9th.


 Maybe we'll go do a little adventuring and then I'll write about it.

Or, maybe not.

Maybe I'll just stay home and trrryyyyy to enjoy being pregnant!

Happy 2012!

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