Tuesday, May 1, 2012

7 weeks

My children are so long! (cloth diaper makes Alaina look gigantic)

Seven of the, well, most peculiar weeks of my life. We're so happy you're here, Alaina.


  1. She sure is a serious young lady. Seriously precious, seriously sweet, seriously beautiful, and seriously the offspring of two seriously loving parents. G'pa Bill is seriously HAPPY she's here, too.

  2. Well well well, if those eyes don't getcha I don't know what will. Beautiful little girl! I'm still not sure who she looks the most like, but I do know Colleen had eyes nearly as big AND your great grandmother Emmaletta (Biddy)Kelly wss reknown for her huge eyes. What a treat to get to see the pictures of your beautiful children, keep up the marvelous work, make today the best day of your life! Love and Kisses, me

  3. great grandma kellyMay 3, 2012 at 2:33 AM

    Wow, I just saw my mother, Margaret Cecelia Zent Schwindt Schwindt! Cute cute cute

  4. She is so serious! But still beautiful!!! Congrats again, Miss Katherine and the Blaine family.