Monday, May 14, 2012

worth every penny

There are only a handful (literally, like 3 or 4) Sushi restaurants in Naples, and only one of them has a reputation for being good. On Saturday night, I wanted to go there. With Tony. On a date. So we did. We got a babysitter and hopped on the train and went there. Just the two of us. On a date.

We ate raw fish, and I had more wasabi than I've ever dared to try. We talked and sipped chilled white wine. We laughed, and we lost all track of time.

In all our dating bliss, we completely forgot that trains stop running at a certain time in the night. So do buses. We looked at the clock. Looked at the closed train station doors. Laughed some more, and then cried when we realized our only option was to take a taxi all the way home.

You have to understand. Tony and I always find the cheapest way to transport ourselves around cities. We neeeever take taxis. They are waaay too expensive. And so was this one. It had to carry us many kilometers back to our neck of the woods. We cringed. We cried. Swallowed our pride and whispered, "It's all part of the experience," and paid the taxi driver 40 Euro. Yikes.

Then we laughed again, because it was, of course, worth every penny.

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  1. Gotta write a screenplay for a romantic comedy based on the A&K Blaine family. The situations that you two have been in, together and individually, should provide more than ample material. The sushi/taxi antidote is just one of many, many, many, examples. Your "swimmin' with the sharks" in the Bahamas story. Your "Mother stuck in the train door", while not funny to you, Alaina, and Colleen at the time, would be hilarious on screen. Tony's "floating kegger" bacherlor party. The grand exit from your wedding reception when Tony effortlessly throws you across his shoulder and strides across the quad towards the "get away car", with a champange (horndog) smile on his face, and waving goodbye with his free hand to all the wedding guest that were still partying. And you with you Irish eyes asmilin', still in your wedding dress, bouncing along on Ton's shoulder, "WOOO, WOOOing and waving with both hands. And just think of the locations for this movie. Star Valley, Spokane, The Bahamas, that little town in Mississippi where Lauren and you spent spring break building habitats for the humane, San Diego (Zag's Dog Pound), Boston, NYC, Seattle, Pensacola, New Oleans, Cordova (Al.),OKC, Chicago, Napoli, London, Siena, Barcilona, Lisbon, Insbruk, Stuttgart, Sicily, Florence, Rome, Istanbul, Paris. And Tony's assignments that you couldn't tag along on like Qitar, New Zealand, and all the African countries he has been to. I would have Julia Roberts, of course, cast for the roll of Katherine. Who would you cast for the roll of Tony? George Clooney,Tom Cruise,Harrison Ford? (all too old) Ben Affleck? (nice guy, but mediocre actor) Oh dear!! Look at the time. I goota go. TAXI!!!!